My name is Zofiia Rose…

My name is Zofiia Rose…

I am an intuitive Card Reader. 

I have done over 700 personal readings within the past 18 months. 

I created and initiated “The Certified Card Reader Education” in September 2020, (in Denmark) and 4 beautiful groups of participants have completed the course and are now “Certified Intuitive Card Readers”. I love that! 

Soon, I will release the online course “How to use the cards in your everyday life – 6 ways to integrate and use the cards to help boost your inner and outer worlds.” 

I can’t wait to welcome you to this little card universe of mine. Here you can book personal readings, soon get your hands on my online course, sign up for a personal mentorship and join the closed, but free, Facebook group where I do free LIVE READINGS. 

My mission is to share my love with everyone who needs it. Through and by the wisdom of the cards and my heart. 

BIG love

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